Thursday, November 11, 2010

"This is the good life!"

I met Mark and Will of Audio Adrenaline tonight. No big deal. Their worship songs have inspired me and have been part of my go-to songs of praise since I started in youth group. Mark shared his testimony where he and his wife of 10 years separated and got divorced and he developed a throat disorder. His voice was scratchy but man, what powerful words. He was broken and now is being poured out by the Lord. I sensed such a humility from them and it was inspiring to be a part of the evening. My favorite song went like this..."This is the good life..I have lost everything...this is the good life...all I have is found in your arms." Something like that--so real, so powerful.

Tonight's a short post 'cause i'm ready to hit the sack! Good night, sleep tight! ;-) Until later...
thom ran Audio's powerpoint! He was so stoked!

me and caitlin with mark--we helped out with the merch. table!

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