Wednesday, November 10, 2010

a scattered reflection...

My thoughts are scattered. You ever have those times your mind jumps from one thing to the next? That is how I feel tonight. Good things I'm blessed with, challenges, conversations from the day. That is one thing that never fades as a music therapist and counselor--people's stories. Each person common in their humanity yet strikingly different in their experiences and the way they process pain. We all feel the pain, but sometimes it just gets clogged up and stuck. I was so proud of a client that successfully discharged the program today. She shared how when she first started our intensive treatment she was skeptical, depressed and couldn't speak because she was crying so much. Today she was bright, filled with hope, a book of coping skills, and encouragement for the other group members! Seeing her today reminded me of the significance and privilege working with hurting people.

Yesterday I led 2 music therapy sessions with the elderly. That was fun! I felt the 2nd group went smoother and I had a better response than the 1st group. We used tone chimes to the tune of "Peace Like a River"--they loved the tone chimes and said it was easier playing those compared to the hand bells. The room was filled with about 30 residents in the 2nd group and man, are my muscles sore today was teaching how to play the chimes and moving around the room so much waving my arms! It is exciting to think about all the group possibilities with this population!
So last night I went to the "Tast of Home Cooking Show" with chef Michele "Red" Roberts...what fun! She cooked 12 meals in front of us as we followed along with the recipes in the cooking school's magazine. I took notes, and felt like a student of food. The winners of the door prizes had to shout "I love food!" really loud. I didn't win a door prize--bummer. It was dumb of me to skip supper last night and go to a cooking show as my mouth watered with every new recipe she created...especially ginger on the skillet...yum! She made these chocolate chip cookie dough truffles, oh my. What a great idea to made food and get some nice cans or jars decorate it and give these away as Christmas gifts. I may do that this year just to save some money. That is, if the food turns out okay.

Here I am at the cooking show--there were about 800 people there that day it was crowded!!
  One blessing about being on the road so much is seeing the sunrise and sunsets. Each day is different, and often the Lord gives me the gift of seeing birds fly by in flocks. Probably because the weather's getting colder they stay huddled together in the skies. It is a gentle reminder that life is more than this life--it is for all eternity. May I live in light of eternity...when I drive, sleep, watch movies, talk to loved ones, counsel the broken, do the dishes...whenever, wherever may my life be a reflection of You, Lord.
whispy clouds...

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