Friday, November 5, 2010

Drum circles,Taco soup & Mario...

My eyes are tired and I'm ready to hit the sack. Tonight we had some friends over for "Taco Soup". What a yummy meal and we had made a huge pot and dipped tortilla chips in it! The sound of the dishwasher going and Thom and our friend Chris playing Mario Brothers on the Wii fill the apartment. It was a better day today~work still a challenge but so stretching. I led a drum circle in music therapy today and the clients seemed to really enjoy thinking up different rhythms. We talked about relationships and how to balance out having a "voice" and listening to others. It was neat to listen to the drum circle as one rhythm in unison and various rhythms working together to create a "drum choir" as one client called it.

The weather was nicer today and I took a picture of the sunset on my way home. The commute is long and this morning it was tough getting out of bed! I look forward to working a job locally but love what I do and where I work now too. I was talking to one of my best girl friends tonight (who came over for soup) and we decided to start a "book club." My counselor showed me a new book that just came out by Tim Clinton called "God Attachment"--we're going to start reading that together.

The guys sound so cute in the background..."we can do this!" "go, go, go...look out!" It's a war, a battle to beat the turtles, enemies in order to make it through to the next level. Man, it's tough playing as a group! The funniest and irritating part was in Mario we can jump on each other's heads, throw each other, and get ahead which could make one of us die...when we worked together that was awesome. At some hard parts, Thom (as Mario) would carry me (green Toad) on his shoulders and walk me through. I'll tell you what, video game competition can either enhance the intimacy in marriage or TEST it!!! (especially seeing that Thom is a "gamer" and I die a LOT--I just try to survive and don't even try to get the extra coins or power-ups.)
Tomorrow's Saturday and I'm looking forward to some "time" for R & R!

Tonight's Sunset!

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