Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rags of Righteousness...

 It's been a challenging week! It started with my allergies acting up and turned into a congested/filled head. Ugh. I went to the doctor and got on a z-pack=good stuff. Then on Sunday night I was taking my time printing off pictures at the local CVS when Thom took a bike ride and had a bad fall injuring his arm and bruising his shoulder. I told him "we are feeling 30, huh" the next day as both of us made our way to separate doctor visits. The most difficult of all from this past week was hearing from Thom's aunt yesterday morning that Thom's mom, Kathy was in ICU in Charleston. We are leaving to visit her tonight and spending Thanksgiving there. She is feeling better and in more stable condition that they will be moving her out of ICU in the next day or two.

The best way I know how to express my love in times of crisis is to buy gifts. Expensive at times, but yesterday was one of those days. I found my way to the gift shop (the joy of working in a hospital!) and bought mom Watson a white plush bear with a red sweatshirt that read "Feel Better." I also bought her a card of a chicken about to jump in a bowl of noodles. Haha! Too funny, and she has a great sense of humor. My prayer for her through all of this is restoration of her health. I pray God's healing hand on her body and comfort for the Watson family through this time.

Me and Scrabble
We are also "puppy" sitting for my parents this week which comes with blessings and challenges too. I feel like we have a furry baby with us as he needs TLC, to be let outstide, to be fed, and played with. He is a cutie pie and it has been fun having him with us these past 2 days and now for 5 more days. He looks so much like an "ewalk" from Star Wars. His pudgy little face and black nose and eyes. The funniest thing is he'll catch a glimpse of himself in the mirror and start growling--at himself!! I bought him a stuffed "bird" from Target with a little rope he can chew on. He loves it and it looks like he's carrying a real bird with him around the apartment!

On my way to work this morning I thought about writing a book--an autobiography as I don't know if I would have the diligence to write a whole fiction novel. I have a lot of time in the car so I do a lot of brainstorming ideas...! I was thinking of the concept of "rags" and "riches" as I find myself acting like a "princess" sometimes and enjoy considering myself as part of God's "royal" family. The concept of "Rags of Righteousness" struck a chord with me today. Maybe because some days when life throws multiple challenges my way I feel more like I'm "wearing" rags than I am "robes" but inwardly I am part of the family of God and made "right" or righteous through Christ. I'm thankful that the Lord has the power and the ability to transform this ragged, congested body into a robe of His righteousness every day. It's hard sometimes not to be able to "leap" over hardship but to "walk through" them. May we be thankful this Thanksgiving season in whatever we are facing as the Lord continues to turn our "rags" to "robes" for our good & His glory!

Scrabble Dixon (just chillin')

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