Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 1

The apartment is quiet. The smell of the dish detergent mixed with soaking dishes and the apple pie scented candle tickle my nose. Today is "Day 1" of my blog. My husband, Thom rolled his eyes at me this morning as he exclaimed..."Welcome to 2001 Amy!" The year I guess, when blogs came out. It's good to be here!

We made a "quick" shopping trip to Wal-Mart this morning. A tall Christmas tree greeted us in the entrance of Wal-Mart fully decked out with glass ball ornaments. Man, that place is chaotic! I was rushing around like a mad woman in search for groceries. I kept bumping into people..."excuse me!"
Life has been slowing down a bit lately, maybe it's just my spirit that feels slower. Reaching the big 3-0 a couple of weeks ago can do that to a girl. I cherish days like this when I can just stop and gather my thoughts. This week I've been playing and replaying Keith Green's greatest hits CD. I grew up listening to this Christian singer-songwriter who is now with the Lord. He used his songs of praise and worship to inspire, encourage and convict the hearts of those who listened. I loved his one album title "To Him Who Has Ears." I saw this picture of George Clooney on the internet wearing a giant ear. Sometimes that's what I need to do in my life--just stop and listen.

I pray to be a woman in the present--a great wife, counselor, music therapist, friend, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin...all the many roles I play. It is so tempting to be distracted with all the things that grab for my attention.

This blog is called "Amy's Cafe Ole" (with the accents) because for anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE coffee and it is a play on words. In college I used to use the expression "OLE!" to express great joy and excitement about something. So this is a place where my random thoughts, stories & ideas find rest.

Journey with me through this great adventure called life!

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  1. how did you get that goat to give you such a great smile? love the blogs. please keep them going.