Saturday, January 14, 2012

The gift of rest...

Today is Saturday. For some reason Saturdays always feel like they are longer than work days. Maybe because you have the whole entire day to do what you want mind floods with ideas. I can read a book, write a song, do some painting, go on a walk, write in my blog :-)...etc. Then the necessary house work comes to mind...laundry, dishes, cooking...thankfully today my hubby has taken care of the latter two! Just laundry to do today and take care of the little one. It is hard to believe how fast he is growing. Izzy is now 5 months old. What growth he has made in just a month! He is more sociable and engaged with the world around him. He can play on the floor for about an hour before becoming fussy and ready for a change. He is a gift and I am humbled to be his mother. I am humbled to be a wife too. What hope filled my heart this morning. I have been fighting this nasty virus going around (well we all have in the Watson household)...and all I wanted to do was sleep in bed but couldn't fall back asleep. Thom was playing "Shane and Shane" in the background and the worship songs filled my heart with joy beyond what I feel and see. "We exalt you...Your name be lifted high..." It made me smile hearing the sound of dishes being done and laundry started...and the sound of our baby talking to his toy sheep on the floor. My bet is he will be a very social little boy...just a hunch.
I am humbled at the thought that I worship the Giver of all my gifts. He is the One who deserves my praise, not the gifts. That is so hard sometimes as a wife and mother when I want so much to show my husband and son how much I love them and value their lives. How much more does the Lord deserve my love? When I at times over think all this stuff I sense the word "Grace" so strong, so clear on my  heart.
The chimes are blowing wildly outside. It's been cold lately...winter is trying to squeeze it's way in the southern air. I actually had to borrow a winter coat from my mom! Getting sick makes you more aware of how you're dressing when it's cold! (Note to self: not a great idea to head out to work with a head of freshly showered hair without a hat or scarf). Oops.
Thom and I have been on a LOST kick lately. For those of you who watched the TV show when it was on I am behind the times but catching up to the show. Wow, what great storytelling. Like Thom said this morning, "you know it's great storytelling when you become attached to the character and are sad to see the story ending...they become real to you." I close my eyes and think about all the characters and the stories from the past...the whole concept of time.
The Christmas tree is still up and stocking still hung. It's so hard to part with Christmas decor. It took creativity and time to display it that it feels so short-lived to take it down once "Christmas-time" is over. The tree is real so it's very dead and prickly. I'm actually kind of afraid to touch it in fear of needles falling everywhere. Ornaments decorating the tree mean something special...the framed ornament of the family in New York City this past Christmas, Izzy's first dinosaur ornament from Grammy, our "Couple's First Christmas" ornament from last year...all to be stored away until next year when we'll hang them again.
this would have been our Christmas tree, but too expensive! Haha!

best gift. 

eating rice cereal for the very first time. He liked the place mat more!

meeting his great-grandmother for the first time. 

Statue of Liberty! 

My cousins & mom at a NJ diner. 

our 5 month old! 
Life is busy. I am learning that life is so much richer and enjoyable when I rest. It is easy to rush from here, there and everywhere...but rest is precious these days. Sometimes my mind and heart just need some time to catch up with the rest of my body! I am thankful for my life. The town we live in, the brick house we call "home", my family who knows and loves me the same. The daily routine requires a lot...get up, shower, dress, coffee, lunches, breakfast, diaper changes, pack up the diaper bag for the day, drop off the baby, head to work, back home again, supper, relax, get ready for bed...time is precious. To slow down a moment to enjoy doing the dishes, the next diaper change, making dinner, to enjoy these times as a gift.

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