Wednesday, November 2, 2011

When I was a kid at Halloween...

Ahhh...homemade pumpkin spice latte and I didn't have to spend $4 at Starbucks! Just brewed some coffee, added pumpkin spice creamer, whipped topping and a dash of cinnamon= delight. Halloween has come and gone. Candy is now on sale...75% off from what I hear...Thom and I are left with a bowl full of candy. There weren't as many trick or treaters as we had anticipated. Times have changed. I remember when back when my family and I lived in New Jersey the candy bowl would be emptied quick! It was disappointing to see kids not even dressed up but walking door to door opening up their backpacks and just coming for the candy. Izzy's snoring exhausted from a busy weekend. I actually dressed him up in 3 different outfits...poor kid. The first was his Halloween "day" orange "I want my mummy" outfit with a pumpkin hat. At night we put a robot costume on him that he fussed in so we changed it to his knitted Link outfit from Legend of Zelda. He looked so precious all curled up in daddy's lap greeting the trick or treaters!
I was all nostalgic on Monday night remembering when I was a kid getting all dressed up and ready to hit the streets with my friends and older brother. One of my favorite costumes was being dressed up as a green crayon and my brother, a yellow one. My mom is so creative and she made these costumes for us. Another year I dressed up as a panda bear...very appropriate seeing how in Manitoba, Canada it had already snowed! I recall going from house to house in the city sliding on a layer of ice! But who am I kidding? The best part was the candy, of course! My brother, Brian and I had a plan...we would go to several houses and fill up our Halloween bag and then return to our van and empty out the stash in a garbage bag. When we returned home later that evening we emptied out the garbage bag on the living room floor and sorted through the glorious stash! There were all sorts of candies from mini chocolate bars, to Dots, Starbursts, Tootsie Rolls, to Rockets, lollipops...even the weird brown papered wax kind you didn't really know what it was! The candy would last a long time too until we eventually forgot we still had Halloween candy and it would be too stale to eat!
I look forward to the day when Izzy will be excited about dressing up in his own costume of choice (as opposed to his mommy putting an outfit on him!) I will probably claim the chocolate candy or at least some of his stash and thankfully we probably won't have any snow or ice!

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