Tuesday, September 13, 2011

With Jesus in the boat...we can smile at the storm!

I just watched an adorable video of my nephew singing with his daddy..."With Jesus in the boat we can smile at the storm..." He filled in the word "boat" in his cute, little voice and it really hit me. We are teaching our children what we learned as children. The teachings of God and of the past never die. That song was a favorite of mine through the years when my family and I helped out with C.S.S.M (Children's Sand and Surf Mission)--a ministry in Ship Bottom, New Jersey to teach the Bible to kids out on the beach through skits, Bible stories, games, devotions, etc. It sure was a fun time and I think fondly of my memories there. Some of my favorite times were bonding with others and the Lord out on the beach in the warmth of the sun, the smell and feel of the ocean breeze, and the sunrise and sunsets I got to see everyday. I don't think any sunrise and sunset is quite as beautiful as it is over the ocean. The words of that simple, childhood song now fill my heart. "With Jesus in the boat...we can smile at the storm..." Powerful words. Whatever my boat is today...my "lot" in this life at this time, I have the ability and power to smile even in the face of trials and change.

I was reading a devotion this morning written by Joni and Friends founder Joni Eareckson Tada that reads "Jesus squared off sin because He knew it was the ruin of those He loved. We feel His love most when He makes us most conscious of our rebellion. If you desire to become more like Jesus, if you want to get closer and know Him better, then be prepared to have Him uproot sin from your life." The word "uproot" really hit me. It reminds me of my love for gardening. I had a extremely difficult time about 2 years ago trying to clear out a ton of ivy to make room for a garden at the house I was renting. I worked out there for hours and began to find that the more I dug down in the soil to remove the ivy, roots and weeds were so in-grown that I had to trace them back to where they began sometimes all the way across the other side of the "garden"--it was very tedious but I knew that in order to create a good garden it had to start with good soil. I actually rented a rototiller to help me do the job! Man, I would love to get back into gardening again. It was quite humorous though once I actually started planting flowers and vegetables and things started sprouting up I got so excited and asked my next door neighbor what was growing. She politely pointed out that I was mostly growing weeds! Grrr. Today I realize that Jesus is in the "boat" of change and uprooting with me and hates my sin --my weeds more than I do. That is humbling that He is at work within me to work His ways.

I look at my little baby boy--of only a month old. He is a gift that we didn't plan for or intend on having at this stage in our marriage, but a true blessing. Sometimes when I'm nursing him I'll look into his deep blue eyes and catch a huge grin across his face. Some say it's just gas but I really think he is smiling. It is comforting to know that Jesus loves him more than me and knows him inside and out. I look forward to teaching him the songs that my brother and I were raised on..."with Jesus in the boat we can smile at the storm!"

my baby sporting his superman onesie! 

the sunset as we are leaving Charleston, SC...

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